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How to Find a Reputable Long Island Tax Preparer

How to Find a Reputable Long Island Tax Preparer

  • February 13th, 2015
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It’s tax season in Long Island (and around most of the country in fact), so unless you plan on filing your own taxes, it’s time to find a reputable Long Island tax preparer. While finding a reputable tax preparer shouldn’t be very difficult due to the sheer volume of preparers, it can actually be troublingly difficult to find a legitimate accountant to help you file your taxes. That sheer volume that we mentioned above is actually filled with all sorts of con artists and tricksters, and if you’re not careful, you could be the latest person to be snared by their fraudulent nets. Listed below are a few strategies you can use to find the best Long Island tax preparer in your community.

Finding the Most Reputable Long Island Tax Preparer in 3 Steps

1.       Make Sure They’re Qualified

Oddly enough, there are plenty of people out there that call themselves a ‘Long Island tax preparer’ during tax season. And most of those people do not have the qualifications to legitimately do-so (which can put your financial situation in a fairly precarious position). You can ensure that your accountant is qualified by requesting their PTIN number. PTIN stands for Preparer Tax Identification Number, and if they are legitimate, they should have no problem giving that to you (so please don’t be afraid to ask).

2.       What are Their Service Fees?

You’ll probably paying your accountant in some fashion, but there are payment plans you should avoid. Such as when a Long Island tax preparer bases their fee on a percentage of your refund.

3.       Don’t Forget About the PTIN

We can’t stress enough about how important a PTIN can be. Once you file your taxes and your Long Island tax preparer fills out the corresponding forms you will want to make sure that they included their PTIN. They are legally bound to do so, and if they do not, you are legally bound to make sure that every item on your return is accurate (so it’s best that your preparer just plays along).

Finding the right Long Island tax preparer can be a long process, but these three steps should help you make the safest decision for you and your family. If you have any further questions about finding a Long Island tax preparer please feel free to call us at 516-794-5752.

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