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Increase in Tax Scams Prompts IRS Video

Increase in Tax Scams Prompts IRS Video

  • November 18th, 2014
  • jrhassociates
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An increase in tax scams impersonating the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) has prompted the organization to release a new video to YouTube warning American taxpayers to be careful.

The increase in tax scams has the most common point of contact over the phone. Tax scams most commonly involve a con artist impersonating a member of the IRS, aggressively and persistently telling the victim they need to pay immediately or else.

That is not the way the IRS conducts business. The IRS will not call you out-of-the-blue telling you there is an issue. When there is an issue with someone’s taxes the IRS first mails an official notice, and may follow up with a phone call if prompted.

Once the victim entertains the IRS impersonator, the scammer will use aggressive tactics to get more information out them. They will say things out loud to their “boss” that will make the victim nervous. They will threaten with police action or give ambiguous threats where the victim’s imagination does the work. These impostors have tricked countless victims with ease, spurring an enormous increase in tax scams.

There has also been an increase in tax scams off of the phone. These tax scams lure victims in with false claims for phony tax credits, nonexistent rebates and refunds based on social security benefits. These scammers look increasingly legitimate with flyers and brochures advertising free money from the IRS with little to no documentation required.

The outcome of this increase in tax scams is horrible. The victim’s loss of money to the tax scammer is only the tip of the iceberg. Victims later find out that their claim is rejected. And sometimes even worse, they still owe the IRS money long with penalties and interest.  Don’t lose your hard-earned dollars to these scammers.

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