Our Team



Prior to founding JRH & Associates, Inc., James R. Hurley had a successful accounting career that afforded him the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the industry from first-hand experience. After graduating with a BA in Economics and a BS in Accounting, he went on to work for an international accounting firm and became a manager at the age of 27. Mr. Hurley moved onto a regional New York firm before starting his own practice in 1990. It was his exposure to a range of companies that instilled in him this desire to open a firm, one that could offer clients the competency of a large establishment, set in a small-firm environment. More than 20 years later, he is proud to lead a team that has achieved the success and established the relationships that have become synonymous with JRH & Associates, Inc.

Financial Accountants

Our full staff of accountants enables us to uphold the personalized client-accountant interactions that we have become known for over the years. Working with both individuals and businesses, our accountants maintain communication with clients to ensure continuity, accuracy, and efficiency in all financial matters. For every client, we take the time to understand the needs and deliver the right solutions. Such attention enables us to anticipate steps that need to be taken as a business expands and financial needs change. At JRH, we are proactive, not reactive. Oftentimes, we deal with questions and resolve uncertainties before a client has even thought to ask.

Tax Manager and Staff

With a dedicated tax manager and staff, we can ensure that taxes remain a priority throughout the year. Whatever the tax question, individual, corporate, sales, unemployment, etc. we are prepared to answer it, precisely and accurately. Our tax manager is responsible for staying current with the latest tax laws and changes and communicating that to clients. We maintain necessary documentation, coordinate information with our accountants, collect missing files, and guarantee professionally prepared returns.

Administrative Staff

Communication in our office and with our clients is paramount. As such, we employ a knowledgeable staff to enhance client interactions, answer phones, and assist with general inquiries. Our core employees have been with the firm for years. Such a low turnover rate guarantees that clients can benefit from long-term relationships. And our personal delivery service ensures that information is quickly and securely transported without interrupting a client’s workday.