Retirement Services

Retirement Services

Retirement Services for Individuals and Businesses

In conjunction with our accounting and tax services, we provide clients with individual and business retirement planning that help them assess current financial demands, plan ahead for retirement, re-evaluate and meet business goals, and better understand their taxes so that they can improve their quality of life and potential for success.

Such a comprehensive look at both short- and long-term planning allows us to tailor individualized packages that fit specific needs that can be adjusted to meet business and life changing demands. Services include unlimited consultation, computer software set-up and assistance, sales tax representation, attorney referrals, insurance referrals, business planning, and certified planner referrals.

Our business and individual retirement services differ in that, the trusted advisors at JRH Associates, Inc. do not like to lump both individual and business together. Each have specific needs in order for our clients to gain the most success out of our retirement services.

Individual Retirement Services

At JRH Associates, Inc. we encourage people to start your individual retirement account (IRA), as soon as they feel comfortable in investing. Our experienced advisors make sure our clients benefit greatly when starting and IRA account. There are multiple investment options for IRA, which include Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA and Simple IRA.

Business Retirement Services

Employees are the foundation to a great company. That is why many of our clients are small to medium-sized business owners seeking the right options for their employees’ retirements. JRH Associate, Inc. works to help educate employees about our retirement services, so they are confident for the future.

Our extensive retirement planning services for individuals and businesses include when you are ready to start your retirement planning early, you plan to retire soon or you are retired now.  Our trusted advisors guide our clients through each step.

Starting a Retirement Plan

We recommend our clients start their retirement plan as early as possible and save regularly. By saving early and regularly our clients are able to yield higher results. Sometimes people tend to focus on short term goals, like houses, cars and vacations, but we encourage our clients to start making small investments to their retirements. Others rely heavily on Social Security, which is not always beneficial. Starting a retirement plan early ensures our clients a secure and brighter future.

Plans for Retiring Soon

Many do not start planning for retirement until they are within years of retiring. Those who plan on retiring in 10 years or less are considered “pre-retiree.” By this time it is important to have a financial plan knowing when the best time to retire is. At JRH Associates, Inc. we work with our clients to determine their retirement objectives, developing suitable financial plans and managing investment portfolios so all goals are met.

Plans for Retiring Now

Our well-deserved, retired clients are prepared to live a happily retired life and take care of their financial concerns. Once our clients retire, our advisers review retirement plans to adjust if any changes have been made. Life events and external circumstances are some of the major changes to occur that will influence financial plans.

Our main objective is to set our clients up for the ideal retirement plan and ensure them a content standard of living for when they do retire. Please do not hesitate to contact us, either via email or phone, for more information. Our retirement services range from, but are not limited to Long Island, Westchester, Hamptons and Manhattan.